WildCRU Conservation Geopolitics Forum:

developing conversations across disciplines

19th - 22nd March 2019, Worcester College, Oxford


Wildlife is threatened by challenges that are global in scale. These challenges are influenced by geopolitical relationships between countries, and their multiple, sometimes conflicting but often overlapping interests. Understanding and addressing the role of geopolitics in wildlife conservation requires diverse forms of expertise. 

The objective of this ground-breaking conference is to spark a scholarly and practically-minded conversation around Conservation Geopolitics – how it shapes global trends that threaten wildlife, and how it might work as a site of intervention for conservation futures. 

The forum will assemble leading figures from multiple disciplines, alongside conservation practitioners and policymakers, early career researchers and civil society groups. Through an innovative mix of plenary sessions, specialist paper sessions, workshops, agenda-setting processes and forum sessions, it will develop a conversation that transcends disciplinary boundaries. The provisional schedule includes over 60 oral presentations from leading scholars and practitioners.

This event is supported by the Kadas Fellowship at Worcester College, Oxford and the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford. 




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