Provisional Schedule

Welcome reception and opening plenary (5pm Tuesday 19th March 2019)


Day 1 (Wednesday 20th March 2019) starts by setting the scene, with a series of plenary presentations focussing on the challenges posed to wildlife by trends in global agriculture, human demographics and migration, economic development within and between countries, national and international governance, as well as the influence of human conflicts, changing climates, and political borders on wildlife. We will then hear from a series of invited speakers, from across the academy, reflect on how their disciplines understand the role of geopolitics in both shaping and addressing these global challenges. 


Day 2 (Thursday 21st March 2019) includes papers from across the disciplines, both applied and critical, in multiple conference streams that will address five main arenas of possible intervention in the geopolitics of conservation:

  • Political (including international relations, governance, law)
  • Economic and social (including novel regimes, ecotourism, marketing)
  • Planning (including land use modelling, and spatial planning)
  • Technological (including practical technologies and implications for governance)
  • Ethical (including reflections on the ethics of state and individual behaviours)

For more detail, see our Call For Papers. After lunch, each of these streams will evolve into a workshop session, aiming to identify the key contributions in each area for the broader forum 


Day 3 (Friday 22nd March 2019) begins with an innovative synthesis event to foster trans-disciplinary conversations about Conservation Geopolitics. The conference will conclude with a final set of plenary speakers (including practitioners and policymakers) addressing the challenges of transdisciplinary approaches to conservation in a geopolitical world. 


The conference will be book-ended by additional events on the Tuesday (19th) and Saturday (23rd). On the Tuesday evening the conference will be opened with a public lecture and drinks reception, from 6pm. On the Saturday, we will be running a series of local field-trips, short courses in methods for early career researchers, and writing groups that follow-on from the conference. On the Wednesday evening, there will be an optional conference dinner.

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