Saturday 23rd March

0930-1200 Optional Activities

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Dr Alexandra Zimmermann in the Nash Suite, Worcester College

Conflict Analysis and Negotiation for Human-Wildlife Conflicts
Human-wildlife conflicts (HWCs) are complex situations usually shaped by ecological, behavioural, social, political, economic and cultural factors. Some HWCs appear to be relatively manageable while others seem intractable and unsolvable. Efforts to address HWCs without a good understanding of the underlying tensions that fuel the situation, and effective tools for working with these, are not only ineffective but can escalate the conflict into deep, long-term divisions. This short course will look at key approaches for analysing the level and context of HWCs and discuss suitable approaches for addressing these. This will include identifying the hidden dynamics of each conflict, mapping stakeholders, building holistic mitigation approaches, and using principles of negotiation for working with people and parties in conflict.

Professor John Vucetich in the Hinton Room, Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre, Worcester College

Dr Ewan Macdonald  at Saïd Business School, Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HP
Meet in the foyer of the Saïd Business School

Mr Julius Bright Ross, WildCRU, Zoology, University of Oxford
Meet at Worcester College Porters Lodge for transport to Wytham Woods